Fractals and Related Fields III

  • Date: september 2015, 19-25
  • Location: Hôtel IGESA, île de Porquerolles, France
  • Organization: Julien Barral, Stéphane Seuret



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Aims and Scope

This conference aims at gathering specialists in all the fundamental areas of pure and applied mathematics related to fractal geometry. It includes the following topics:

  • Harmonic analysis
  • Multifractal analysis
  • Geometric measure theory
  • Ergodic theory and dynamical systems
  • Probability theory
  • Number theory
  • Wavelets
  • Potential theory
  • PDE's on fractals
  • Fractal tilings
  • Combinatorics on words
  • Signal and image processing

Scientific committee: 

  • Julien Barral (Université Paris 13-Nord)
  • Zoltan Buczolich (Eötvös University)
  • Kenneth Falconer (University of Saint-Andrews)
  • Ka-Sing Lau (Chinese University of Hong-Kong)
  • Maarit Järvenpää (Oulu University)
  • Stéphane Seuret (Université Paris-Est Créteil)