Practical informations

The Hotel

The conference will take place at the IGESA Village Club, on the island of Porquerolles (South of France). 


There is only one way to reach Porquerolles: the boat.

You must arrive in Toulon (South of France) preferably on Saturday 19th or  at most Sunday 20th at12h30, either by train or by plane. There will be buses from the train station and from the airport to the Harbor (called "La Tour Fondue") Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning (the buses will make round-trips): the precise schedule are:

- Saturday: depart from Train station at 14h. Stéphane Seuret will take this bus.

- Saturday: depart from Train station at 16h. Julien Barral will take this bus.

- Sunday: depart from Train station at 13h15. There will be a monovan driving you to the harbor.

The precise itinerary is the following:

  1. Train Station: More precisely, the bus will be parked at the "gare routière", which is located 100 meters from the parking of the train station. The bus will have lots of posters of the conference, so you will not miss it.
  2. Hyères-Toulon Airport: The bus will drive you to "La Tour Fondue" harbor.
  3. Once arrived at the Tour Fondue harbor, a member of the organizing committee will (hopefully) give you tickets for the shuttle boat. The departure times for the island of Porquerolles are (almost) equally spaced: 1.30, 2.30, 3.30, 5.00 and the last one at 6.00. Do not miss it!

There will be a poster of the conference in each bus and minivan, so that you cannot miss them (theoretically).

If you miss the organized shuttles, it is easy to order a taxi to the Tour fondue. 

Then the organizers will give to every participant one round-trip ticket for a shuttle boat to the island of Porquerolles.

You may want to check the website of the boat company:


The reverse trip from the island to the airport or the train station will be similarly organized : Two buses will leave from the "Tour fondue" at  2:30 pm (the shuttle boat leaves from the Porquerolles island at 2 pm). The bus will head to the airport and then to the train station. If there is no traffic, one can expect to reach the airport at 3 pm, and the train station before 4 pm.

All these transportation fees will be taken in charge in advance by the conference (you will not have to pay anything).

If you miss the shuttle bus, don't worry, you can always order and take a taxi (the same holds for the taxi boats!!!). We do not take in charge these additional expenses.

We plan to start the conference Sunday 20th, at 3 pm. So be there on time!

The fees

The price for the stay from Saturday 19th to Friday 25th, including bus and boat tickets, accommodation, meals and beverages, conference dinner and participation fees, will be 700 Euros for a single room and 550 Euros for a double room (to share with someone). 

The reservation includes Saturday's and Sunday's nights and does not include Friday's night. So we will have to leave the island during Friday's afternoon.

The talks

The conference rooms of the IGESA hotel do not possess boards (neither black- nor white-boards).

So you must use a video-projector for your presentations.

There will be small boards on which some equations can be written, but don't count on it for the whole presentation.

The final details will be published June, 12th.



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