Laboratoire d'Analyse et de Mathématiques Appliquées,



Mardi 2- Mercredi  3-Jeudi 4 Décembre 2014

Colloque à Créteil, UPEC Campus Centre , Bâtiment I, Salle 233


Tuesday December 2, 10h-17h, Wednesday December 3 10h-18h, Thursday December 4 10h-13h


« Processus with variable memories in probability and statistical mechanics »


Organized by A. Le Ny (LAMA-UPEC) and E. Löcherbach (AGM, UCP)

With the support of Anaïs Delgado (LAMA-UPEC)

Sponsorized by  LAMA-UPEC and GDR IM- ALEA


The Workshop is open to any colleague or student. If you intend to participate, please let us know it by email at,, or/and


Meals will be served at the « Brasserie du Palais », with reservation for speakers and organizers. Program


Jürgen Angst (Rennes) :  Kinetic Brownian motion on manifolds


Roberto Fernández (Utrecht) : Stability of phase transitions under discretization


Pierre Hodara (Cergy-Pontoise) :


Hawkes processes with variable length memory and an infinite number of components


Christof Külske (Bochum) : Attractor properties of non-reversible dynamics and synchronization


Anna de Masi (L'aquila) : Separation versus diffusion in a two species system


Yoann Offret (Dijon) : TBA


Christophe Poquet (Roma 2) :


Synchronization and long time behavior of noisy rotators in mean field interaction.


Frank Redig (Delft) : Large deviations and dynamical Gibbs non-Gibbs transitions


Utkir Rozikov (Tashkent) :


Gibbs measures of the Ising model on Cayley trees: recent results and open problems



Wioletta Ruszel (Delft) :


How do we know that the creations of worlds are not determined by falling grains of sand?  


Bruno Schapira (Marseilles) :


Transience of a self-interacting random walk and martingale dispersion

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