How to connect to a session of the seminar

If you are a speaker, the organizers will contact you personally before the the sessions to prepare your talk.

To attend the seminar as a viewer, please follow the next instructions:

1- Open the link sent on the mailing list
in your favorite browser (maybe avoid Safari or old versions of Firefox).
The link will look like
2- Once connected on the web page, enter your name and push the button "Rejoindre". Page1
3- Please select the headphone and not the microphone.
Also, your camera device shall be disconnected when you connect to the website (so that we can spare some bandwidth).
4- Normally you join the web seminar and can listen to the talk and simultaneously watch the slides.

5- It is possible to write comments, please use this opportunity very moderately by keeping your remarks to the questions' session at the end of the talk.